Love Season

It is amazing how we don’t even realize the opportunities life brings with each time it delivers a new day: a chance to put things together all over again.Everyday humanity gets another way to look at things differently and from another angle… sadly, we usually stick to the former view.

Change requires decision and confidence. Change means to accept the fact that “hey, I am often mistaken and this thing or situation I thought could be done a certain way, has different aspects to it”

We can say that all that is done, is done for love. Love for money, love for power, love for oneself, love for others, love for nature, love for material things. And as long as it doesn’t hurt others, that’s fine –to be on the look out for the path that takes us there, faster.
However, there’s a very thin line between owning our lives and hurting others. We have to be real careful and move on slow motion.

It can be confusing and “emotional blackmail” could be easily presented as “reasons”. Let’s not fall into the trap, let’s not do that to others either. There’s nothing easier and more difficult at the same time, than telling the actual truth. The hard part falls in “letting go”. It is so much easier to play along. But it can never last. Deceit is momentary. It never stays.
“Fantasy is what people want, but reality is what they need.”

Letting go. It is the only way. Knowing that we are all responsible for our own lives and that in that matter we can all get to do what we love –even if it’s not the most logical or lucrative thing to do– is the only way to be genuinely happy.I believe that we are responsible for ourselves and no others.
Not even our lovers, our parents, the ones closest to us –no matter how much of a sunshine they’d be– could translate their happiness into ours. And that’s why for some people it is so hard to love, it is so hard to laugh and simply “be happy”: they don’t know how. And unfortunately, it can’t be taught.

I think this is a love season for many reasons: first of all, I finally realized what it is about and made up my mind. For once! And second to that, well, because with all that’s been going on in the last few years –worldwide– I need to believe that it has all been done for love. In a completely negative atmosphere i think tragedies show what we’re made of and bring us closer to one another. I chose to believe that all the violence and hate made all those who are against it, stand and make our voice be heard.

I chose to believe that better times are ahead even when the odds say the opposite. I think it doesn’t have to be a big deal, just do the right thing, live life as fully as possible and make somebody happy. Make yourself happy. And once in a while sleep on the fact that: honestly, the best things in life are free. Money and work should make you happy, not become a suicide candidate.

We are born in freedom, let’s not become slaves.

(From the archives of 2008)


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